We are manufacturers and distributors of adult novelty toys.  In order to access our online store for our wholesale prices and product range, you must fill a membership application here.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. If you have doubts, please review these conditions before each order, or ask us if anything here has changed since your last order. 


There are two ways you  can place your order:

1 - via the website, by shopping online and checking out in your cart. You can pay directly either through PayPal or your own credit card. As our company policy is that we do not require payment immediately, you can also chose to pay for your order manually. This way we will receive your order, and only ask for payment from you via email when your order has been fully completed and ready to ship to you. Before we ship your order, payment must be made in full. 


2 - Alternatively, you can also browse the website and our catalogs, and send us a list by email of the product codes and quantities. We will then e-mail you an initial sales order for you to review your order with us, as well as the invoice with all payment methods. 


1.  When we receive your order we start on the manufacturing/packaging and packing of the order. 

2.  As soon as possible, we will invoice the order and add any applicable taxes (for Portugal only) and shipping charges. 

3.  Once your order is made, packaged and ready to send, we will email again your invoice and options to make the payment. Once payment is made in full, your  order will be shipped the next business day via a recognized international courier.


Prices displayed do not include taxes. Please see below under "Applied Taxes" to know what additional taxes will apply to your order. 

Prices are subject to change without notice. 


Full payment is required only when we are ready to ship your order. No deposit is needed. Once we receive your payment in full, we will ship the order to you.


Payment can be made by SEPA transfer to our Portuguese account,  by PayPal or by credit card, which we provide the details at the time of invoicing.   

Taxes and shipping costs are only applied at time of invoicing. They are not included in the value displayed on the products in the online store. 


At invoicing, all orders from Portugal will be charged with VAT taxes of 23%. 

All other countries will be charged without any tax. It is the responsibility of such companies to account their own accounts by their respective tax laws. 


Shipping costs are determined by the international courier we use to send to your products, based on total weight and distance being shipped. We take our best measures to ensure your order is well-packed to protect your order as well as save on shipping costs. 


All our prices are displayed in Euros. If you are ordering from a country which does not use Euros as the local currency, we will provide you an invoice in your local currency at a pre-determined exchange rate and as close as possible to the current day's exchange rate. Please take note that you may be charged additional fees by your bank to make the transfer of the payment into Euros. 


We do not take refunds after items have been shipped. Under some circumstances, such as damaged products due to travel, etc., we will consider issuing a refund or store credit on a case by case basis. 


Before your items have been shipped, it is always possible to speak with us to make any changes to your order.