We are manufacturers and distributors of adult novelty toys. To place an order for wholesale, you must acquire membership.  This enables us to ensure that you are indeed a re-seller.


Please click the "Membership Signup" link below to fill out the membership form.  Once this is submitted and approved we can process you as a member.  You will receive a notification email of your membership which will allow you to visit our site complete with our prices and shopping cart or, you can just browse the site and then place your order via email with the product number and quantities.


There are two ways you  can place your order:

1 - via the website, by shopping online and checking out in your cart. Your order placed online does not require an immediate payment. It will be treated as a sales order for your request and then we will invoice you to your email (see below for more details).


2 - Alternatively, you can also browse the website and our catalogs, and send us a list by email of the product codes and quantities. We will then e-mail you an initial sales order for you to review your order with us, as well as the invoice any payment methods. 


1.  When we receive your order we start on the manufacturing and packing of the order. 

2.  As soon as possible, we will invoice the order and add applicable taxes and shipping charges. 

3.  Once your order is made, packaged and ready to send, we will email again your invoice and options to make the payment. Once payment is made in full, your  order will be shipped the next business day via a recognized international courier.


Payment is only required when your order is ready to be shipped. No deposit is necessary. Once we are ready to ship to you, we will send to you payment details by SEPA / bank transfer or by Paypal. Once payment is made in full, your order will be shipped to you the next business day. 


Taxes and shipping costs are only applied at time of invoicing. They are not included in the total value in the shopping cart on the website.